Welcome to the 2024 Dutchman Downs Pool Season!

A note from the Pool Manager:

Hello and welcome to the 2024 pool season at Dutchman Downs! For those who don’t know me, my name is Lindsey Singletary and this is my first year managing the pool for the Dolphins. My family moved into the neighborhood in February 2020, however, my husband grew up in Dutchman Downs and has lived and swam here since 1992. This pool truly enriches our neighborhood and those neighborhoods around us, the bonds created each summer and the friendships made for adults and children are unmatched. I love this pool and what it offers this community and I hope as your Pool Manager I am able to bring some new life and revitalization to this place we all lovingly call home for four months each summer.

The 2024 season will be a season of change, as we are now going to be managed by AMG (Aquatic Management Group) and I’m hoping we are able to move forward and forge a great relationship with this incredible partner. We are also doing some key work behind the scenes to ensure that we are setting our pool up for long term success in the coming years, knowing a big renovation will soon be in our future. Due to this we are raising the membership price by $25 to $550 which you will see reflected in your invoices.

As always, we are excited to promote the Dutchman Downs Dolphins Swim Team and are cheering them on for another OUTSTANDING swim season! Please visit the website https://dutchmandowns.swimtopia.com or email dutchmandownsdolphins@gmail.com for any questions about this swim season.

I would like to thank some key people who have helped me make this transition and continue to be a source of support for me and this pool community. If you see them please thank them for their hard work behind the scenes in the off season!

Amy Holliday
Mary Key
David McCarthy
Troy Quiller
Ashley Pierce

Should you have any questions please never hesitate to reach out to ddswimpool@gmail.com. Here’s to a safe and fun summer, see you at the pool!

Lindsey Singletary

Together for a Porpoise.