Swim Team Registration is LIVE!

Welcome Back Dolphins!

We are SO excited the season is just a few weeks away! We had an awesome time last summer, despite all the changes and restrictions, and we are looking forward to an even better experience this year!

Great news! All of our coaches are coming back!!!! Cooper Slough will be our returning head coach after finishing his freshman year at the University of South Carolina! Danielle Koehler, Mae Deaton and Grace Jaeger-Sandruck are also coming back! AJ Robinson and Zendi Hoots will serve as volunteer coaches again this summer! We have a STRONG and FUN coaching group and know that it will serve us well at Dutchman Downs!

We have a few changes for this year. It will cost $105 per swimmer this year. We know $5 may seem trivial but with processing fees online and our need for improvements and replacements for key items in the coming year, we are trying to budget as best as possible.

Second, kids 6 and under must be able to swim the 15 yards unassisted to be on the team. That means they can dog paddle, elementary backstroke, whatever they need to do to get to that 15 yards with no help. Our coaches will be in the water with them so that part will not go away. Last year we had 29 kids 6 & under and it was hard for those kids to really practice because so many needed so much extra help. If your child cannot do 15 yards unassisted, feel free to reach out to one of our coaches for lessons. When they are able to meet that goal, we will be happy to add them to our team at a prorated price!

Third, we have some key parent volunteers who have kids aging out in the next few years. We MUST have younger parents willing to step up and take their key volunteer spots when that happens. If not, we won’t be able to have a swim team. Please let us know if you are interested in training on those. They include announcer, concessions, volunteer coordinator, starter and team treasurer. We are hoping to have a few parents step up and shadow them over the next season or two so it will be a seamless transition when it happens.

Fourth, COVID is still around. We know a lot more about it than we did even a year ago. But please, if you are sick, do not come to practice or bring your children to practice. It is common sense but it is also helpful in keeping the rest of the team healthy.

Here are important dates you’ll need to have:

~May 15th: Meet the Coaches from 5-6pm at the pool

~May 16th: First Day of Practice

~June 12th: Time Trials

~June 13th: First Day of Split Morning/Evening Practice

~July 21st: Awards Night

The meet schedule and practice schedules are posted on our website. We are a smaller pool, and we had 107 (!!) swimmers last year. We anticipate that many or more this year! We are asking all families who can, to please come to morning practice. It will help alleviate overcrowding in the evenings. If enough people come to mornings, we will also expand that practice schedule to accommodate.

Registration is LIVE here! If you are a returning swim team member, please use your login from last year. It has stored all your previous info to make registration easier. If you don’t remember, use the “forgot password” feature.

We are so looking forward to an incredible season for our Dutchman Downs Dolphins!

Amy Holliday, Beth Nye, and Mary Deaton
Dutchman Downs Swim Team Board

Together for a Porpoise.