Dates for 2018

Date Event
5/23/2018 First Practice
5/24/2018 Suit Fittings @ 4:30pm
5/28/2018 No Practice / Holiday
6/10/2018 Time Trials at 6:00pm
6/12/2018 Away @ Wellsley
6/19/2018 Haddon Hall @ Home
6/26/2018 Away @ Walden Creek
7/03/2018 Oxxford Hunt @ Home
7/04/2018 No Practice / Holiday
7/05/2018 No Practice / Holiday
7/10/2018 The Reserve @ Home
7/17/2018 Away @ Scottish Hills
7/19/2018 Awards Night!

Time Trials are held in order to rank the swimmers to help the coaches prepare for the roster for the first meet. It is very important for all swimmers to attend. This event is operated like a normal swim meet and provides a great opportunity for parents and swimmers alike to get used to the organized chaos that is a swim meet!

Cary City Meet is a city-wide invitational swim meet held each summer. The Dolphins participate each year and sponsor the relay events. Additional information will be provided once it is available.