Welcome to the 2023 Dutchman Downs Pool Season!

A Note From The Pool Manager

Hello and welcome the 2023 pool season. For those who don’t know me, my name is Anne Slough and along with my husband Brett Slough, we are the pool managers. We’ve been members of the pool for several years and both of our sons swam/swim for the Dutchman Downs Dolphins Swim Team. We were drawn to the pool because of its family atmosphere and in our role as managers, have tried to continue that tradition. We are in our third and final year of managing the pool.

Over the past few years, the pool committee has refurbished all the pool deck furniture, updated the bathrooms, updated the landscaping, replaced key pieces of the mechanical pool equipment, created a roadmap for ongoing maintenance and restructured the pool membership to help us achieve financial stability. So, now is the perfect time to be a pool manager! If anyone is interested in assuming this role for the 2024 season, now would be an excellent time to let us know. You would be able to shadow us throughout the season and feel comfortable taking the lead for the 2024 season. We will be stepping down on September 30, 2023. The pool must have a manager(s) to continue to function.

As always, we’re excited to promote our own Dutchman Dolphins Swim Team. Please check out the website for all information pertaining to the swim team at:


If you have any questions about our swim team, please email dutchmandownsdolphins@gmail.com

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the operations of the pool, please see the website with the pool committee members, who handle specific areas, listed. Brett and I, of course, are here to support you as well.


Here’s to a safe and fun summer. We’ll see you at the pool!

Brett and Anne Slough

Together for a Porpoise.