Welcome to the 2022 Dutchman Downs Pool Season!

I hope this letter finds you and yours well. After two seasons of navigating through unchartered challenges, we are cautiously optimistic for a season that looks a lot more “normal”. The pool will open on May 14th.  Sign up and information about our pre-season clean-up day can be found here:


Date:  April 30, 2022
Time: 9 am- 1 pm

Credit: $50 credit towards membership for a minimum of 2 hours of service.

There are some exciting changes for this season.   At the end of last season, we surveyed the membership, and based on that feedback, we’ve made the following changes/updates:

  • Pool Furniture: All of the dining chairs and loungers will be completely refurbished.  What does this mean?  It’s a seven-step process:
  • Remove old vinyl straps and plastic wear parts.
  • Examine for structural integrity. Replace pivots, bolts and spacers.
  • Straighten and re-weld frames.
  • Remove old finish by sandblasting.
  • Powder coat finish electrostatically applied and baked on.
  • Re-strap with 100% new vinyl (white straps with blue accents [top and bottom])
  • Ladies’ Bathroom: The ladies’ bathroom will be refreshed.  We know this area of the pool has been especially concerning for parents of young children. Stay tuned for more specifics.
  • Pool Filters/Medium/Pumps:  We replaced both pool filters and the associated medium (sand), as well as the pumps.  This has significantly, in a very positive way, impacted the quality and clarity of the water (per Triangle Aquatics, our pool management partner).  

So, you can expect “new” chairs, loungers and ladies’ bathroom.  The tables and umbrellas will be replaced based upon membership levels and subsequent finances.  We have a few “big ticket” items that need to be addressed within the next 3 years, and unforeseen repairs always occur, so we’ll continue to be fiscally cautious.

We tried to balance operational needs (items you can’t obviously see, but are critical infrastructure needs) with aesthetic needs (items that you can directly see/appreciate).  We’ve invested approximately $25,000 to improve your overall membership experience.

As a reminder, we updated the membership fee structure, at the end of last season, in-order-to simplify administration and value.  All pool memberships are $525 per year (family or individual).  If you were a member last year, you do not need to pay the $150 joining fee.  If you leased a membership (from another member), then you’d only pay a $75 joining fee. Only net-new members (did not lease or have a membership in 2021) will need to pay the full $150 joining fee. If your membership lapses, year-over-year, you will have to pay the $150 fee to rejoin the pool.

The swim team will be back, so stay tuned for more information.  You must be a member of the pool to join the swim team. We are also planning several social events including food trucks and the horseshoe tournament.  

In closing, thank you for continuing to invest in the Dutchman Downs’ Pool and community. We appreciate your support. Here’s to an amazing summer!

Your Pool Committee:
Anne Slough, Manager
Troy Quiller, Facilities
Staci Mantz, Accounting
Grace Danks, Social Committee
Lindsey Singletary, Social Committee

Together for a Porpoise.