Snack Shack Update

The Dutchman Downs Pool Snack Shack has been taken over by Lindsey Singletary and Mary Key this summer. With the help of a few other Dutchman Downs moms, we are going to try to offer many of your favorites and some easy meal options so your hours at the pool during swim team practice and summer can be as easy as possible.

We are going cashless this year so that all you need is your phone! Our Venmo account can be used for all purchases. Our hope is that we can streamline the purchase process for you and make it so you don't have to go fishing for quarters in your car for those always hungry children.

We will also be offering hotdogs and pizza for holidays and special occasions, keep a look out for those future dates. All the money from DD Snack Shack sales and special events will go back to the pool for savings and future renovations.

Thank you so much for your support this summer. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or ideas at

Together for a Porpoise.