May 22 Update

Published on: May 21, 2020

Dutchman Downs pool community,

We hope that each of you have remained healthy through this pandemic. Thank you for your patience as we deal with this ever changing situation. We have had to wait for guidance from the Governor and from Triangle Aquatics (the pool management company) before we were able to answer your many questions. Be aware that we may tweak or implement more rules as needed. Please take the time to read all the information that is included in this email.

As we open the pool season tomorrow at 12pm, lets take a moment to remember what has always been the strongest aspect of the Dutchman Downs pool- and that is the community! During this time of uncertainty, lets remember that kindness, understanding, and respect are just as vital as health precautions. We are all coming with different experiences and opinions, but we should maintain respect for each and the rules. The pool is required by Triangle Aquatics and government officials have given us certain regulations that we have to follow.

Triangle Aquatics will “perform frequent and routine environmental cleaning and disinfection of high-touch areas.” They will ensure that the lifeguards are healthy and symptom free. They have trained their employees to follow the CDC recommendations.

Social distancing is a personal responsibility. You are in charge of your family. It is not the lifeguards responsibility to monitor social distancing at the pool. Their top priority, as always, will be maintaining your safety in the pool. The lifeguards will be responsible for sanitization, capacity limits, and furniture spacing. If you are uncomfortable with the situation, we encourage you to attend the pool during non peak hours.

We have a set maximum of 60 people allowed at the pool at one time. You are only allowed into the pool if you have PAID your membership fees. Currently, we do not foresee a need to set a time limit for people being at the pool. However, this may change depending on whether or not we have to start turning away members. If we find ourselves hitting the maximum number of occupants, we will implement time limits. For now, please be mindful of others. If you have been at the pool for hours and see that it is getting full, we ask that you kindly leave to allow space for potential members. We will send out any time limit information when/if it becomes relevant.

To the best of our understanding, we can still attend during non-guarded hours. If we hear otherwise, we will let you know and non-guarded hours will be discontinued. Regardless, the rules still apply. Membership may be revoked or non-guarded hours taken away if rules are not followed. Please sanitize your own chairs and tables.

At any point, the lifeguards may clear the pool deck to sanitize the area. Because we are a small pool, we may not need to have set hours to close the pool for disinfecting. The lifeguards will be routinely wiping down all surfaces. As we monitor how active the pool becomes, we may have to institute a time of day to disinfect everything.

The pool committee and Triangle Aquatics do not make any guarantees that the pool facility is sanitized to the extent that would eliminate the spread of COVID-19. As always, personal responsibility is paramount at the pool. You enter the pool deck at your own risk.

Further things to be aware of:

  1. As always, DO NOT come to the pool if you are sick.
  2. Please leave the pool furniture as is. You may want to bring your own folding chairs. If you have a large family, you will want to do this as we are not allowed to move ANY pool chairs. There are four chairs to a table.
  3. All items left at the pool will be discarded at the end of every day, no exceptions.
  4. The grill is off limits for now.
  5. ONLY pool MEMBERS are allowed at this time. No guests are allowed at the pool. They will be asked to leave.
  6. There will be no parties scheduled at this time.
  7. The snack bar is closed until further notice- I know this will be devastating to the kids who were looking forward to all the candy! 😊
  8. Restroom facilities are open, but there will be no showers or dressing rooms available. Come to the pool ready to swim. Personal items can not be left in the restrooms.
  9. Parents, please keep up with your child’s pool toys and equipment. Do not leave them lying around unattended.

As stated, this is an ever changing situation. We appreciate your kindness and patience as you remember the pool committee is made up of volunteers during the best that they can. If you have concerns or questions, please contact us and will we try to address them.

Regards, Dutchman Downs Pool Commitee