Questions? Please contact the Membership Coordinator.


Membership Packet

Each season members must fill-out the membership packet and submit with their dues.

2018 Rates

Yearly Fee Membership Type
$455.00 Owner
$495.00 Leasing

Membership - Owning vs. Leasing

The pool offers 2 options:

  1. Purchasing a pool membership and paying the membership yearly fee
  2. Leasing a pool membership for the lease yearly fee amount

Purchasing a share guarantees your family use of the pool as long as summer fees are paid (we have a cap of 150 families, including leases), lowers your summer fee and enables the pool to budget for the season. Shareholders in good standing may sell their pool membership at any time. You do not have to be a Dutchman Downs resident to be a full member. The lease option is designed to allow families to try out the pool for a few summers before committing to becoming full members.

Swim team participation requires pool lease or pool membership with all dues up to date. There is an additional cost for swim team.

Please contact the membership coordinator for more information or if you are interested in purchasing or leasing a pool membership.

Existing Members

If you are interested in leasing out or selling your existing membership, let the membership coordinator know and they will be glad to assist you. You are also welcome to sell or lease out your membership yourself. If you do, you must let the membership coordinator know so they can get the new member’s information. As a reminder, only memberships in good standing may be leased out or sold (meaning that all fees, including current summer fee, have been paid).

Pool Access

Pool access is via a Key Pad using a unique 5-digit PIN code selected by each member family. Membership cards are no longer issued.