Member Guests

Guest Fee: $5.00/guest

Members are allowed to bring guests to the pool. However, all guests must be accompanied by a pool member and are required to pay a guest fee with the following exceptions:

  • Sitters who bring young pool members in their care to the pool
  • Guests who are immediate family (children, grandchildren, parents or grandparents) of pool members

Members are only allowed a maximum of 4 non-paying guests per family per each visit to the pool regardless of the relationship status of the guests.

Interested in a Guest Pass?

For groups (10 and less) the normal guest fee of $5 per person will apply. To accommodate larger groups, we will allow parties to use the pool during normal operating hours for an extra fee.

The total number of guests for all parties during normal pool hours on Fridays and Saturdays will be limited to 20. If you wish to rent the pool for use after normal hours the cost of the required lifeguards will be included in the price. All parties over 10 people must be scheduled one week in advance with the pool manager. Picnic tables must be reserved in advance for parties and each party during regular pool hours will be limited to two tables. Please contact the pool manager in advance, if you plan to bring a large group.

Together for a Porpoise.